For more gender diversity in the German Startup Ecosystem

Tech Startups – A male domain?

Only 17.7 percent of founders in Germany are female. While male startup teams have already raised just under 30% external capital of EUR 1 million or more, the figure for female teams is only 5%. Do these numbers make the German startup ecosystem a male domain? Hopefully not, when you think about the lost potential. ONE MISSION is convinced that with more diversity you can take the startup ecosystem to the next level. Let’s join forces to make that happen!

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We believe that the potential of (tech) startups in Germany is by far not exploited yet. Gender-diverse teams are more innovative and successful. In around 70% of German startups, only men are represented as (co) founders. ONE MISSION wants to change this.

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With joined forces! Through an extensive partner network, we possess first-class startup expertise, excellent contacts and an existing infrastructure.


Our goal is to drive more diversity into the German startup ecosystem. By 2025, the number of female founders should increase to 25% – more opportunities, venture capital and visibility for gender diverse startup teams!

How we make the difference

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Our focus is on spotlighting women, connecting them with each other and encouraging them to take the step into self-empowerment. Especially in the tech sector, where women are even more underrepresented.

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Matching mentors and mentees to join forces and build the digital future. With our mentoring program we want to enable everybody to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. With the right people on your side (nearly) everything is possible.

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It takes commitment and visibility – both top down and bottom up – to achieve change. With our workshops we give you an overview of gender diversity and inclusion and help you to integrate gender diversity into your company culture. We offer different kind of workshops, depending on the company’s diversity state.

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Diversity Consulting

A workshop isn’t enough? We are happy to consult and accompany your team within a specific timeframe. Apart of workshops, knowledge transfer and joint elaboration of measures, we support by scheduling further meetings, reviewing the progress and adjusting measures together with the team.

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Meet the ONE MISSION team

Kristina Püschel


We need more role models. Especially female role models. We have the voice! We just need the right stage. Therefore presenting success stories of female founders und putting them in spotlight is my passion.

Maike Wursthorn

Startup Management

Gender diverse teams are more efficient and innovative – this also applies to startup founding teams. Let’s let female founders shine and thereby create role models and exploit the full potential!

Marlene Eder

Event Management

No network, no party. I’m all about contacts & networking. That’s what I want to achieve with our events. In the best case in cooperation with other initiatives around the topic female founders.

Vanessa Provenzano

Business Development

Surround yourself with the right people, ask for advice, share your learnings, give feedback, be confident and follow your passion – never give up! Together with my team at ONE MISSION we support and empower female entrepreneurs and women in tech.

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