Gender diversity refers to the deliberate recognition and promotion of gender parity within organizations. It encompasses various dimensions such as culture, age, biological sex and sexual orientation. The aim is to create an environment of tolerance and avoid discrimination. Gender diversity management not only has equity benefits but also macroand microeconomic advantages for organizations. Studies indicate that higher gender diversity can lead to better business performance, increased revenue and profit.




In 2020, only 5.2% of female founding teams received at least 1 million euros in
investments, compared to 27.8% of male teams



Companies with diverse top management achieve greater success in financial markets and are more active in closing business deals. Gender diversity pays off: Gender-diverse companies offer an average of 5 percentage points higher stock returns for investors. Additionally, these companies are significantly more active in dealmaking, closing approximately 40% more M&A deals than non-diverse companies.

Companies with diverse gender composition exhibit a stronger inclination towards sustainability and are more environmentally friendly. These companies set ambitious goals for themselves and are quicker to reduce their carbon emissions. Furthermore, the commitment to official sustainability goals is significantly higher among leading companies with gender diversity compared to non-diverse companies (65% versus 40%).

To compete in the global market, it’s crucial to attract the best talent for startups – and that definitely includes more women in the startup sector.

The diversity within the founding team has a significant impact on recruiting: Although the proportion of women among startup employees is higher at 37.5% than in founding teams, parity has not yet been achieved. Interestingly, there is a positive correlation between gender diversity in the founding team and a balanced ratio among employees, indicating diversity effects in recruiting.

At the leadership level of startups, this effect becomes even more apparent: In companies with all-male founding teams, only 13.6% of executives are women, while mixed teams havea proportion of 40.1%. This demonstrates the significant impact that gender-diverse founding teams have on the overall company structure – and underscores the importance of empowering women in the tech sector and in leadership roles, starting from the very

Dr. Florian Mann

"Following the entrepreneurial spirit and achieving greatness is a fundamental right that every individual should have. Our children, our planet and our future economic prosperity demand that we come together – regardless of gender, skin color, age or origin. Our reality looks different today. I'm here to change that."


Svenja Lassen

"Diversity is crucial for the success of all of us, especially when it comes to which ideas and innovations will become reality in the future and improve our society and environment. The female perspective of founders and investors is indispensable in this regard. We collaborate with initiatives like ONE MISSION to increase their contribution."

Country Managing Director Gateway Ventures & Initiator Female Investors Network

Anne Connelly

"Provide more financial resources for women! This is crucial to close the gender-specific gaps in salaries, investments and pensions. Female entrepreneurs have taken the lead in addressing these critical societal issues. ONE MISSION ensures that women have an additional platform to be seen and heard."

Founder herMoney

Cassandra Jahn

"The more diverse a team is – whether in terms of gender, religion, background or sexual orientation – the easier it is to find creative solutions. The development of digital products aims to solve problems, so it's really important to understand the benefits of diversity. We support our clients and startups we invest in to build diverse teams, enabling them to realize their full potential."

Founder & CEO Digital Eleven & FounderLake

Natascha Hoffner

"ONE MISSION pursues a great mission that aligns wonderfully with the goal of herCAREER. We both advocate for female entrepreneurship – free from biases and with an awareness of a fair working world."

Founder & CEO herCAREER

Kathrin Schwidder

"The Insurtech Hub Munich has always emphasized the importance of gender diversity and the promotion of female entrepreneurs from the outset. The integration of ONE MISSION now elevates this commitment to a new level. As an industry with connections to various sectors, the insurance sector and the ecosystem of the Insurtech Hub Munich provide a platform for promoting diverse business models. We are confident that many female founders and their startups will benefit from the offerings of ITHM."

Board member Insurtech Hub Munich & Head of Strategy and Lifetime Partner Transformation Generali Deutschland AG

Change your structure

Be flexible! And create a company structure everybody can identify with.

Create psychological safety

Build an open feedback culture to encourage your employees to talk about how they feel.

Customize your recruiting processes

Make sure you address all people in your job postings and during the whole proces

Show your diversity & break with stereotypes

Show role models of your company and spread the word! Ever heard of contra stereotype roles?